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Our Story

Spring 1984


In the year 1984, missionary Joe Watson was sent by the Victory Baptist Church of Wichita Falls, Texas, and their pastor Bro. Buddy Bryant, to establish an independent Baptist church in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. He arrived in the late spring of that year, and found a suitable building at the corner of 11th and Robberts  in which to begin the work. The building was small and cold, but with some work, was used for the meeting needs of the mission. In the fall of that year, a foundation was poured for an addition to the building which would house classrooms and a church office. The addition was completed the following spring.



The church was organized in March of 1986 and although our group was small, our hope in Christ was great, and we began to see growth in the work. We moved a trailer onto the property in which the Watsons lived until they left in the spring of 1986. Bro. Watson and his wife have both moved on to glory and have no need of an earthly home now, but we are forever grateful to them for their effort in the ministry of the gospel and the impact they have had on our lives.

2017-11-17 08.57.06.jpg

A week after the church was organized, Bro. Barry Farnsworth was ordained to be the first pastor of the church. Under his teaching and preaching many souls have been won to Christ and many faithful brethren have been taught and instructed in the faith.   He is also the creator of the regionally acclaimed and immensely popular series of articles authored by the insightful literary mind of  Doctor Isaiah J. Trin (Doc. Trin)!


After being flooded out twice at our initial location, in 1996 the Lord provided the church an opportunity to purchase five acres of property approximately two miles south of town. In 1997, we moved the old building to the new property. It took a while to improve the buildings and get it set up, but we eventually had our new building with its new entrance, and a new single-wide mobile home on the property. We continued to hold meetings in the mobile home while the work on the church building was being completed, which was a great time of fellowship with many fond memories. 



2018-03-11 09.02.17.jpg

As time went on, the  Lord continued to bless the work and the need arose for more space to meet together and for more  space for Sunday school classes.  The church decided to build a new sanctuary, which took the form of a 2,400 square foot building, and to remodel some of the existing classroom space.  What a blessing from God to have the provision of the extra space  with no debt or loans involved!


In the fall of 2016, Pastor Barry Farnsworth announced to the assembly that he felt the Lord compelling him to step down as pastor, and the church began the process of working through a transition in primary leadership.  After 31 years of faithful ministry, Bro. Barry Farnsworth retired from the pastorate at the end of 2017. We were greatly blessed  to have Bro. Barry as our pastor and preacher of the Word of God for many great years, and praise the Lord for his kindness in sending us such a faithful minister of the gospel and example to the flock.



2022-07-27 10.59.38.jpg

Upon hearing the news from Pastor Barry Farnsworth of his intention to retire, the church voted to call Isaac Farnsworth as pastor, pictured here with his wife Christine.  The church spent the year of 2017 making the transition with much prayer for God's help and much thanksgiving for all that He has done for us through His Son Jesus Christ and through the Victory Baptist Church here in Kingfisher, OK!   In January of 2018, Isaac assumed the responsibilities of Pastor, and by God's grace we continue to seek to serve Jesus Christ to the glory of God the Father.


As the Lord continues to bless our congregation with all spiritual blessings, we also praise His name that He has provided for us with a new fellowship hall that we opened in March of 2021.  The opportunity to share many moments and experiences together on our pilgrimage through this life has been an encouragement to our hearts, and this facility has been a part of that story.  We had been outgrowing our previous fellowship hall that was a double-wide that had been converted into a meeting space.  Many wonderful memories were made in that hall, but as we have grown, we are thankful the Lord has continued to provide for us as His people.  

2021-03-28 09.03.13.jpg


2022-10-29 13.59.53.jpg

We were able to expand our Sunday school rooms in the summer of 2022 to accommodate more students, and we also updated the lobby and restrooms in this building.  This was the original building that was the meeting place for Victory Baptist Church, and it has been great to have the opportunity to refresh the interior for the next generation of service to the Lord.

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