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Things To Know About Us...

Victory Baptist Church

Preaching Christ Crucified

But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved   Acts 15:11


The authority of the local, new testament church is Jesus Christ the Lord Himself, and He governs it by His Spirit and Word through the local assembly.  He alone is the head of the church, not any other agency, board, or organization of men.


The greatest gift ever given is God Himself in the person of His Son Jesus Christ who gave His life a ransom for many.  We actively participate in evangelism, prayer, and financial giving to support missionaries who take the glad tidings of God's gift to men all around the globe.


The word evangelist in scripture means "a bringer of good tidings".  There are no other tidings nearly as good as the "good tidings" of the gospel of Jesus Christ and its declaration that He came to save sinners!  


The King James or Authorized Version of the Scriptures has been demonstrably proven by experience and history to be "profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness", and it is the  infallible, inerrant Word of God taken from the best texts and preserved according to His power & promise for English speaking peoples.

Current Pastor

Jesus Christ Himself is THE Great Shepherd and Bishop of our souls, and is the head of the local church, making it clear in His teachings that we are all brethren and He alone is the master of the house.  He taught that we are not to call any man master or hold men in admiration because of advantage, or to be a respecter of persons, however he did establish the office of bishop in scripture to provide oversight for the work of the church. 

Currently, Isaac Farnsworth is serving as pastor of this church, having been called into the ministry by the Lord Christ and chosen by the brethren to carry this responsibility.  He has been involved with the ministry of this church for years serving previously as Sunday school teacher, youth leader, treasurer, and deacon.  He was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2013 and, during 2017,  transitioned into the pastorate. He has been married to his wife Christine since 2003 and has had five daughters to help keep him busy.

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Tel. 405.375.5278

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 953

Kingfisher, OK 73750



Sunday School 9:45 AM

Sunday Morning 10:45 AM

Sunday Evening 3:00 PM

Wednesday Evening 7:00 PM

Street Address:

715 Victory Rd

Kingfisher, OK 73750



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