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Music Service Snip-Its

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We are blessed to have a great spirit of praise in our congregation!  We love to praise our Lord in singing the old hymnal congregational songs as well as southern gospel style special music.  We are blessed to have several members that play instruments and even a couple that write their own music and songs.  You can get a feel for our song service by listening to some of the videos below.  We pray they are a blessing and encouragement to you!

Men's Quartet - Glory Road

Quartet - If You Knew Him

Josh Turner - There IS A River

Farnsworth Girls - Not The Same Saul

Josh Turner - Mercy Walked In

Barry Farnsworth - Adam's Last Song

Barry Farnsworth - That's What Grace Is For

Josh Turner - When God Ran

Chris & Daughters - Dust on the Altar

Youth Christmas 2019

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